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Young Offenders and Youngsters Disengaged from the Educational System


The Bluestone Centre is a centre of learning for young people for whom the traditional education and schooling routes are no longer an option. Some of these young People are considered “At Risk”, with the majority of our users coming from the town’s less affluent communities which means they are considered to be “vulnerable young people”.

A percentage of our users have been excluded from school.

A number of these have already had dealings with the criminal justice system. 



Introduction to NOCN

National Open College Network (NOCN) is a credit based learning system offering a wide choice of qualifications that are recognised and respected by employers across the UK.


NOCN has been creating amazing opportunities for students and learners for over 25 years and is justifiably proud of its reputation as a provider of fully accessible, trusted and flexible qualification and accreditation services.



Our aim is to provide young people with the self confidence and belief that they can achieve qualifications within an environment that they can relate to.


The Bluestone centre offers NOCN entry level 1 to 3 awards in Skills for Employment & Training and Personal Development qualifications and credit framework (QCF)


The qualifications are relevant to learners aged 14 and above in the following areas:


  • Personal Development

  • Vocational Support

  • Employability

  • Literacy and Numeracy

  • Business and Administration

  • Construction

  • Creative Skills

  • Horticulture

  • Sport and Leisure


Our qualifications offer a step-by-step, unit-by-unit route into learning, helping young people attain the skills and confidence needed for today's job market.































Supporting young people

At The Bluestone Centre we support young people in turning their lives around and helping them to achieve their own goals and targets in life as they endeavour to find their way to manage difficult and complex lifestyles.

We create a genuine caring environment for the young people, and a feeling of security that some of them have never experienced.


We have a holistic approach to the problems that these young people face, using boxing, fitness and practical workshops as a medium to acheive psychological and physical well being, to increase self esteem and confidence that can then be transferred to all other areas of life.


Our facilities include a gym, workshops, an orchard and poly tunnels, as well as 19 acres of outdoor space.

We include practical work such as horticulture, carpentry, plumbing, plastering, bricklaying etc.

Using these mediums, we introduce students to basic life skills and personal and social skills.

Most of us acquire these skills from family interaction, nurturing and our social lives, developing it almost without knowing from birth.


The young people we work with have not had, or have had very little opportunity to develop in this way.



Martin Brennan, CEO of Bluestone is the driving force behind a company called ‘Inside Products’.  Working in prisons to set up production lines and generating sales leads and contacts in the United Kingdom.  A successful business development manager and a highly-prized asset to the PCC.


Positive Youth Action Group


In addition Tenbury Boxing Academy represents the Positive Youth Action group in Tenbury and participates in getting the young people into Jobs and further education.


All secondary school head teachers attend this meeting and the action group is responsible for all children in the Tenbury area who are at risk of being, or are already, excluded from mainstream education.

Key Objectives

Our aim is to provide disadvantaged young people with the self confidence and belief that they can achieve qualifications within an environment that they can relate to, to  enable them to achieve their own goals and targets in life


We strive to increase the chances for young offenders to be productive within society, with opportunities to access employment or training.




Contact Address:


The Bluestone Centre

The Old Hopyard

Bleathwood Lane





NOCN Reg Number 30001174


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