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Rehabilitation Boot Camp

1 - Day Boot Camp

For a more intensive experience, book in for a full day of rehabilitation, fitness and relaxation.


Sessions of Physiotherapy or fitness training to suit your needs with plenty of time for your body and mind to rest inbetween.


Enjoy a home cooked healthy lunch in between exercise sessions and periods of rest or a peaceful walk in the beautiful Shropshire country side.



2 day Boot Camp

We offer comfortable overnight accomodation in a spacious apartment for those of you who wish to benefit from two days of rehabilitation and fitness sessions.


You may have travelled a distance to reach us and this option allows you to benefit from a challenging day without having to worry about a long drive home.


Combining fun and fitness during the day with comfort and relaxation for the evening you can achieve more than you thought possible in such a short time.





The Bluestone Centre is a unique rehabilitation and fitness Centre, where we believe in using fitness and sport as a medium to achieve psychological and physical well being, to increase self esteem and confidence that can then be transferred to all other areas of life.


We provide the opportunity for any individual to achieve their goals through rehabilitation and exercise to increase their level of fitness and improve function within a comfortable and welcoming environment.

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