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Ladies Boot Camp

Ladies 6 week weight loss/toning programme

Maximum 10 to a group. Two evening exercise classes a week lead by two coaches, and designed to address the goals of each individual in the group. Learn how to exercise safely and effectively. You will have a better understanding of your body and will therefore be more likely to acheive healthy weight loss, toning and fitness for the rest of your life.



Ladies 2 night (weekend) Boot Camp

A challenging but invigorating weekend away with a small group of friends could be just what you need.


Combining fun and intensive fitness during the day, with comfort and relaxation for the evening, you can achieve more than you thought possible in such a short time.


Delicious but healthy food will be provided during your stay.


At the end of the day you and your friends can relax in your own luxury apartment.



Ladies 4 night (Monday to Friday) Boot Camp

Arrive on Monday morning, leave Friday afternoon feeling fit, invigorated, and full of energy!


You will experience 4 days filled with exercises and activities that will increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve your strength, core stability and balance.


You will learn new skills and new ways of thinking that may kick start you into a healthier, fitter and happier life style.


During the day you will be pushing your self to your limit and your body and mind will need nourishment.


At Blue Stone there will be no fast foods or instant energy snacks or drinks, and there will be no fasting or cutting out food groups.


We will provide you with delicious but nutritionally balanced food that will fuel your body but allow you to lose that excess weight.


Contact Address:

The Bluestone Centre

The Old Hop Yard

Bleathwood Lane




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