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How do I book?

We accept self referrals – please contact us by phone or email. We may ask you a few questions about your physical capabilities and your rehab or fitness goals. This will help us to direct you to the most appropriate programme.We welcome referrals or enquiries from GPs, physiotherapists, social workers, or any other health care professional.


Do I need to let my doctor know that I am starting an exercise programme?

We do ask you to see your Doctor before starting training so that we are aware of any medical contraindications or precautions that you may have. For cardiac rehabilitation we require a GP or consultant referral informing us of exercise guidelines from your consultant.


Can I train or receive treatment if I am already seeing a Physiotherapist?

Yes. As long as your physiotherapist is aware that you are receiving treatment from another professional there is no problem. We always like to liaise closely with others involved in your rehabilitation.


How long are the sessions?

Sessions are usually 1 hour long. You may not be active for all of this time, depending on your tolerance, but rest periods may be an important part of your fitness programme, particularly if you suffer from fatigue.


What is the difference between fitness training and rehabilitation?

Both are an important part of your recovery. Rehabilitation is guided by a specialist physiotherapist to help you recover movement, range of motion, balance, motor control of your muscles in a controlled way.

Fitness is equally important for the health of your heart and lungs, joints and muscles.

Fitness training may include resisted or weighted exercise and exercise to increase your heart rate.

You may need one or the other or both.

Programmes are never static, the activities and exercises that you do will evolve and progress depending on the changes you make.


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